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Engaging, tough, high impact 'soft skill' training delivered with refreshing radical candor


Start with the essential understanding of human nature that Ron Newton learned from the 1,200 troubled kids who participated in his rugged Outward Bound style wilderness camp program. Throw in the knowledge of how to manage risk: good risk-based decision-making skills.


Add to it a quarter-century of experience translating Ron's insight into radically different, personally challenging soft skill training courses that improve employee engagement in change-resistant workers at all levels and for multiple purposes.


Take out all the trappings of consultant buzzwords and the entrapment of ongoing repackaged principles, programs, and products.


Mix in Ron's dynamic ability to speak with radical candor about cooperative attitudes. And you have a sense of why the following organizations came to PEAK to make a DIFFERENCE.


Some of PEAK’s popular hands-on classroom training courses


Turning Insight Into Communication

√ Know others better.

√ Know how to listen to others.

√ Know how to speak to others.

√ Know how to get a message accepted.

√ Know how to listen for feedback.


Leading & Deciding with Integrity

√ Embrace integrity.

√ Think correctly & critically.

√ Observe effectively.

√ Make good decisions.

√ Communicate acceptingly.

6 Training Courses

 6 Leadership Training Courses

√ Proactively manage change.

√ Identify behavior tendencies.

√ Use versatility in leadership.

√ Establish safety responsibility.

√ Practice one-on-one coaching.

√ Correct others to improve.


Maritime Leadership

√ the Value of change

√ the Value of people

√ the Value of leadership

√ the Value of safety

√ the Value of teamwork

√ the Value of synergy

Solving The Safety Puzzle

Solving the People-Problem Puzzle

√ Perform conflict resolution

√ Eliminate passive-aggressive behaviors

√ Recognize behavioral patterns

√ Address generational difference

√ Improve work ethic & integrity