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PEAK training courses are most popularly and profitably applied to the improvement of safety management. Safety is a powerful and profitable behavioral change agent if soft skill development is emphasized.


PEAK safety courses are grounded in the time-proven Systematic Cause Analysis Technique (SCAT). When combined with Ron Newton's keen insight into human behavior, the SCAT model becomes a dynamic motivator for improving the soft skills that are vital for successful risk-based decision-making and leadership.

Some of PEAK’s popular safety training courses


Leading Safety Better through Transformational Communication


NextStep gives you the ability to bring action to safety awareness. It equips you with the ability to successfully use behavioral understanding and transformational leadership skills to hands-on convince others to practice a higher level of safety. The course helps you turn basic behavioral insight into a common sense communication method that can be used by any employee to better engage each other in the pursuit of safe work practices.


√ Know others better.

√ Know how to listen to others.

√ Know how to speak to others.

√ Know how to get a message accepted.

√ Know how to listen for feedback.



Sure Steps to Leading with Integrity

SureSteps teaches you several practical ways to 'do the right thing' – to achieve consistency between what you say about safety at your company and what you do about it. The course gives you an understanding of the common causes of human error, then it teaches you how to prevent them in every work area. Learn how to effectively identify hazardous conditions & behaviors, and how to correct & prevent them.


√ Embrace integrity.

√ Think correctly & critically.

√ Observe effectively.

√ Communicate acceptingly.


6 Training Courses

 6 Leadership Training Courses


Teach leaders how to lead & manage others for safety through this integration of PEAK's best safety curriculum units.


Securing A Commitment To Safety Change

Foundations For Safety Behavior Management

Building Better Leadership Skills

Bringing Safety & Production Together

Coaching For SafeProduction

Disciplining For SafeProduction  


Maritime Safety Leadership

PEAK's Vessel Officer Seminar gives maritime personnel what they need to engage others for safety: people skills. Over 4,000 vessel officers, shore staff and deck crew have participated in PEAK’s Vessel Officer Seminar in 5 continents, developing people-skills involving the following.

  • Securing a Commitment to Safety Improvement
  • Foundations for Crew Safety Management
  • Leadership that Fosters Safe Behavior in Others
  • Loss Causation Related to Crew Dynamics
  • Breaking Down Barriers of Behavioral Resistance
  • Total Crew Safety Resource Mentality 

Solving The Safety Puzzle

Solving the People-Problem Puzzle

This course teaches you how to overcome change-resistant behaviors in your work environment so that safety and productivity are not hindered.

  • Identify problematic non-productive workers
  • Eliminate non-productive behaviors
  • Improve employee management and work culture
  • Develop better employees and employee productivity
  • Increase employee engagement

"Instead of calling the course a 'tool,'
I call it a gift that I will use
for the rest of my life."

– senior plant manager


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