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From The Wilderness To The Workplace

Ron Newton did not plan a career transition from rehabilitating troubled teens in his wilderness camp program to building better workplace leadership and work cultures.


But in 1992, frustrated business leaders and insurers contacted Ron, insisting that he had the solutions they needed.


They needed his 'tough love' approach to soft skill training.


They recognized his potential to help them engage employees by removing behavioral barriers that are common in change-resistant workers and organizations.


In response to their need, Ron founded PEAK Training Solutions.


To Around The World

Since then, Ron has trained thousands of employee-leaders in 50 companies on 5 continents in how to use devilishly difficult soft skills to improve cooperative efforts in their work places, often utilizing risk-based decision-making and safety management as a change agent.


Ron’s story and his blueprint for building totally engaged workers is told in his top rated book No Jerks On The Job: Take Back Control of Your Workplace.


Ron Newton is a 1978 graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a dynamic communicator, a Vistage International and CEO Institute resource speaker, contributes to numerous publications, and appears as a work place culture expert on Fox News Radio and other media outlets.

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Ron’s deep knowledge of human nature and relational wisdom, learned in his rehabilitation work with troubled teens, helps you strengthen vital employee engagement with the toughest of employees.

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