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Isn't It Time You Took Back Control?


In No Jerks On The Job, troubled youth show you how to rescue your workplace from today's most crucial business problem: Adult Business Brats!

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  What are business brats?

  Where do they come from?

  What harm do they do?

  How do you take back control from them?


In No Jerks on the Job, Ron Newton recounts meaningful lessons gleaned from years of running a unique wilderness camp program for troubled youth. The lessons provide a powerful solution to today’s foremost corporate vexation – overcoming the problems caused by “value-challenged” managers and employees.


No Jerks on the Job vividly describes the world of relational hand-to-hand combat with problem workers and dysfunctional work cultures. Newton masterfully connects real-life patterns of troubled adolescent behavior to similar problems in business. Recounting engaging stories from both campsite and boardroom, Newton reveals concise and effective “brat-busting” solutions that will return positive productivity to a formerly damaged business environment.


No Jerks on the Job is an indispensable resource for managers, supervisors, co-workers, or anyone dealing with difficult and “value-challenged” employees and cultures.



Listen / watch Ron's appearances on The Jim Bohannon Show, Fox News Radio affiliates, and television news.