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Breaking The Grip Of Unresolved Conflict

A Simple Method Reduces Risk The word conflict has a distasteful overtone. A worker who constantly fosters conflict is typically known as a troublemaker, someone who is undesirable and to be avoided. Deeper down lies the troubling common sense realization that there is a close link between workers who are embroiled in unresolved conflict and […]

4-Part Series

Breaking Through The Barrier Of Hardnosed Workers, Part 1

Our ‘Troubled Kids’ The tone of the general manager’s phone call to the author of this series of articles revealed the deep defiance to authority that he sensed in his workers. “Are you the camp program that helps troubled kids?” he asked gruffly. “Yes,” came the reply. “Good. I have some for you — they’re […]

Breaking Through The Barrier Of Hardnosed Workers, Part 2

Righting The Ship Wrongly For torturous purposes, let’s say that you are an executive manager who has inherited the type of hardnosed workforce described in Part 1 of this series. Your laborers are largely emotionally repressed, unsympathetic, narcissistic, uncontrollable and prone to permanently go AWOL. Ditto for your supervisors and managers. Collectively, your work force […]

Breaking Through The Barrier Of Hardnosed Workers, Part 3

Turning The Corner Admittedly, Part 1 and Part 2 of this series may be a bit discouraging to the solution-seeking reader. But as a wise professor states, “There is no implementation without, first, evaluation.” So what has our evaluation revealed? First, the dysfunctional nature of the average hardnosed worker employed in traditionally change-resistant work sectors […]

Breaking Through The Barrier Of Hardnosed Workers, Part 4

Winning Them Over In Part 3 of this series, safety officer Ken Malcolm talked about the importance of building trust between hardnosers and those who try to change them. To this, Malcolm adds respect. “Give them [hardnosers] respect,” he says, “and problems go away. They might not like you, but when you handle people accordingly, […]

2-part Series

Is Civility Killing Risk Management? (Part 1)

In case you missed it, saving lives and preventing injuries on the job is now the duty of the human resources department. So is the choice of employee management tactics used to achieve safety. Civility is in; grump
iness is out. Insurers should be concerned, because the shift in responsibility and tactics has grounded the safety […]

Is Civility Killing Risk Management? (Part 2)

The first part of this series declared that HR managers now control the basic tenor of how safety management is executed in most organizations. As veteran safety professional Mark Kennedy says, “There is now no difference betwe
en safety and human resource management. I consider them one.” As a result, safety has adopted a kinder, gentler disposition […]

Tell the truth. What are your real expectations for your safety management program? “Let’s be honest,” said one exasperated business owner. “I’d be happy if it only got my workers to do what they’re supposed to do in the first place.” If compliance is your answer, go to the back of the line. Why settle […]