Equipping and encouraging Christians to live TRANSPARENT lives of faith at work.


the quality of being

honest and having

strong moral principles;

moral uprightness

"We live, move, and have our being at work with lost people."

– Howard Hendricks

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT    is the calling of every Christian to be salt & light to those in their sphere of work influence.

EXCELLENCE AT WORK         is the product of every Christian who reflects the Redeemer's work in their life.

ENJOYMENT OF WORK         is the witness of every Christian who understands work as God designed it and desires it to be.


Topics in Radical Candor include:

T - how to be transparent with your faith in a winsome way

A - how to develop a servant attitude of personal accountability

C - how to practice compassion that builds work relationships

T - how to be patient in winning souls over a long period of time

WORK is a faith-based tax exempt non-profit ministry offering real-world biblical insight into how Christians can impact and improve their workplace through the witness of their transformed lives. (Titus 2:9-10, Colossians 3:22-24).

WORK's ministry consists of 3 primary activities:

... Publishing

... Speaking

... Training

Integrity at Work – WORK is dependent upon donations for its operating funds. Donations to WORK may qualify as IRS tax-exempt gifts under i WORK's designation as an IRS 501(c)(3) organization.

Please consider making a donation to i WORK through PayPal.

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Increase Your Understanding Of Employee Relationships
With These Free Resources On Employee Engagement from PEAK Training Solutions.
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A simple A-B-C method for resolving conflicts

Discover why workers reject authority.

Keys to recognizing a hard-nosed worker.

The most damaging behavior in your workplace.


Hands-on training that allows you to sharpen your 'people skills' and increase your spiritual influence at work.

  • communicate
  • convince
  • cooperate

Composing and publishing works that help Christians act as salt & light in their place of work.

  • books
  • curricula
  • articles
  • videos

Dynamic presentations of radical candor that help you navigate employee engagement issues with godly wisdom.

  • cross-generational friction
  • conflict resolution
  • critical thinking